Hilda Somarriba


Hilda Somarriba

In 2008, Hilda Somarriba created Prism Media Group to provide and execute targeted marketing campaigns and public relation strategies for both general entertainment and Latino media markets. Ms. Somarriba started her career at MTV Networks before turning her skills to the world of publicity at the top PMK/HBH agency working with A-list entertainment industry talent and projects.

Since starting her own agency, Ms. Somarriba has administered successful public relation representation to over 50 films in top film festivals around the world, including Sundance, Berlin, Cannes and Toronto. She also specializes in working with below-the-line talent, such as filmmakers, directors and producers, collaborating with them to express their vision in order to create and build awareness for their projects in the media. In 2014, she executed the PR campaigns for three of the most “buzzed about” titles at the Toronto Film Festival.


Hilda Somarriba featured in El Observador de Utah
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Additionally, Ms. Somarriba is regularly contracted as a consultant by major Hollywood PR agencies, such as Slate PR, Fifteen Minutes and ID PR, MLPR, to service and assist in marketing films, representing talent and junkets, as well as for special red carpet events and screenings during award seasons, which include The Wrap’s Annual Pre-Oscar Party.

Ms. Somarriba supports giving back and frequently donates her services to charitable causes. She has donated her public relations expertise to nonprofit organizations to help raise funds and further their messages, some of which include: St. Jude’s Children’s Hospitals, Human Rights Campaign Annual Gala Fundraiser, and The Go Go Gala Annual Fundraiser.

Hilda Somarriba holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and sociology from Williams College.


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